Windjammer - Thruflow 5.7"
Model Number: 116630-03
The AMETEK Windjammer family of brushless blowers lead the industry with their innovative design and advanced technology. Leveraging AMETEK's brushless motor designs, the blowers offer compact, low noise and long life solutions to fit your specific application's needs.

Specific to Your Needs
AMETEK can assist you in finding the exact blower to fit your application, but if you are in need of customized solutions, we have engineers willing and ready to help you design the blower that's right for your application.
 Some models may use a general model number bulletin. In these situations, the performance data will remain the same, but some features listed may be different. If you have questions about a specific model, please send us a request using the links at the top of the page.
Part Specifications
Voltage120 VAC
Speed Control0 - 10 VDC
Speed RegulationClosed Loop
Option CardNo
Flow ClassificationStandard Flow
Discharge Size1.25" Dia.
Performance Class250 Watt
Electrical Connections6-Cavity Post Header for 4-Wire Harness with Two Power Leads and Two Speed Command Leads
Skid Qty108
Max Pressure in.H2O51.51
Max Pressure Kpa12.82
Max Pressure mbar128.18
Max Flow SCFM65.37
Max Flow litres/sec30.83
Max Flow m3/hour111.06
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